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Teen Talk is a site where you can come and talk about your problems to others teens including me. Think of me as you sister, your big or little sister (depending on your age). You can come to me about anything. I am here to listen to your problems. I myself have problems, thats why I decided to make this site, so I can meet other teens with the same problems I have so we can share them with each other and work them out. These problems can be about anything: School, Work, Friends, Relationships, Family, anything. I am here to help, and I do not judge. You may have a serious problem on your hands and your embarassed to let others know. Don't be, cause the longer you hold it in, the worse the situation becomes. I have a lot of problems and I'm just 16 years old. I have family problems, nothing to severe. I also have relationship problems. I just got into a new relationship, but it is hard for me to trust cause the last relationship I was in, I couldn't trust my other half. We all have problems so just let me help you and other teens who have the same problem, so we can work it out together.  This is Tena, with these last words lets have a nice life and lets work out our problems...........TOGETHER...1Love

October 27, 2009

Teen talk is now on Myspace...add the page this 1 will be shutting down soon =(


If your friends have myspace tell them to add the page 2!!!!!

I need new email address to send my newsletters so don't be shy!!!!! (new ones come out in 1 week)

my email address is reeceepooh@gmail.com




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REPLY FROM TENA:  check out letstalkteens09.myspace.com......the new teen talk website is relocating to myspace

the page will be shutting down on November 2, 2009 so join my mailing list at the bottom of the page to recieve my newsletters.



  Hi Teen Queen,
Nice idea! and Nice site!
Sandra of Elegance of Yore


Love your page Tena, but you need to get the creative juices flowing.


 Get on your meebo and check out your messages!


Read a few of those stories and they are pretty embarrasing. I submitted one. " K-K-K-KASS-ASSIE". Yeah that was me. Anyways good job with your site and keep the stories coming!


Hey! Just leaving my email address like you asked me too.
Im awaiting your reply!


Reply from Tena: Thanx for the comments you guys..alex thanx for the e-mail address..I'm working on the project now as we speak... :D


Oh. I got your very first newsletter! Keep doing what you are doing!


Wow! I keep seeing more and more guest interaction! You must be getting the message out there. Keep up the good work!


Reply from Tena:  I wouldn't say that i'm the voice of reason, I just can understand what their going through. And for the Newsletter, thank you so much!! I plan on making 1 every week so, check your e-mail weekly!!! :P


Thanks for your advice it really helped!


Wow ... I can't think of anything more embarrasing than peeing in front of your crush!


Thanks for understanding :)
The discussion page is getting too long. You should either delete some or sepeate them into categories or something.
On all your forms it says untiled. You may want to fix that. It is buggin me. :)
Reply from Tena: I know my discussion page is getting long, I'm working on it now!! :)
it is probably time to set these embarrasing stories aside on another page and start a new discussion
i love your horoscopes and they are totally correct !
Reply from Tena: Yes I love horoscopes!! I read mine every month...It's like im addicted to horoscopes!! :D
Keep reading and keep coming to the site..Remember tell your friends about Teen Talk :)
i def think that whatever you like should be up higher on there . i love that song ! :)
Reply from Tena: I love that song too!!.. I have it on repeat whenever I play it. :P
cool site :)
Reply from Tena: Thanx :P
Just a little comment about the Entertainment Section:
I saw your little post on Jennifer Hudson family and I think it is great.
I really feel her loss. Not that long ago I lost a member of my family and it crushed me. Not only did her mother and brother pass away her nephew was found a few weeks ago. I sympathize for her and wish her luck in coping with her losses. Keep praying.
I have to say I love to blog and your site seems pretty cool one question though where did you get your coment box from im trying to start a blogging site but i need a really awesome coment box and yours very cool so far... but anyway cool site ill be sure to check it out alot
Reply from Tena: To get the Comments section, You have to go to http://www.wufoo.com. You can create alot of stuff there, it's pretty awesome!!


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